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DISCO provides comprehensive training opportunities at the interface of complementary scientific disciplines. The DISCO training activities contribute to the development of career prospects for young researchers involved directly in DISCO, in other complementary EU networks and worldwide.

“Through DISCO I was able to work at the Italian partner institution IGA Technology Services. Learning new bioinformatics techniques was a fantastic opportunity. It was great to be able to apply that to my own work and share it with my colleagues in the lab. Now, various other people in our group are using the same techniques.”

Rebecca Nohl, PhD Candidate at Royal Holloway University of London

“After going to the DISCO consortium meetings and being able to meet the experts in the field, I was finally able to solve problems I had with a protocol I’ve been struggling with for a long time. Now that protocol works perfectly for me.”

Shreya Agrawal, PhD Candidate at Max-Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Potsdam

“My career as an Early Stage Researcher has benefited through the cross-discipline exchange within the DISCO consortium. I was able to spend three months at Eurice gaining hands-on experience in the management of internal collaborative research and innovation projects.”

Dr Elliott Price, Researcher at Royal Holloway University of London

“The really good thing about DISCO are the consortium meetings. There we can discuss our work and receive feedback from world leading experts in the field. It is really nice to feel that I’m a part of this great initiative.”

Dr Marilise Nogueira, Post-Doctoral Researcher at Royal Holloway University of London