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Presentation of DISCO activities at ERA-IB-2 Final conference

February 23, 2016

From 16-17 February 2016 Prof Paul Fraser, coordinator of the DISCO project, attended the ERA-IB-2 Final conference in Berlin (Germany) providing an overview of the DISCO activities. This event showed the critical mass in Industrial Biotechnology developing and the complementarity between various projects in the area.

ERA-IB is an ERA-NET supported by the European Community. In the ERA-NET “Towards an ERA in Industrial Biotechnology” partners and observers from 21 different countries join forces to reduce fragmentation of national research efforts in the area of Industrial Biotechnology.

The ERA-NET Industrial Biotechnology 2 (ERA-IB-2) builds on the success of the FP6 project ERA-IB and develops the network further, into a truly pan-European approach to IB R&D funding which should ultimately lead to a self-sustained network.

Further information about the ERA-IB can be found here: http://www.era-ib.net/