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EUROCAROTEN Workshop on Sustainable Production of Carotenoids – From Biosynthesis to Biotechnology

October 16, 2017

From October 16-17, 2017 the Workshop on Sustainable Production of Carotenoids: From Biosynthesis to Biotechnology will take place in Trogir (Croatia) organised within frame of the EU COST Action EUROCAROTEN by the DISCO partners Prof. Joseph Hirschberg (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Prof. Paul Fraser (Royal Holloway University of London).

The Workshop will take place in conjunction with the annual management committee and working group meetings of the EUROCAROTEN Cost Action and will address recent developments in the fields of carotenoid biosynthesis, carotenoid biotechnology, carotenoid extraction and bioprocessing.

Various DISCO partners will actively contribute to the workshop:

  • Dr Marilise Nogueira (Royal Holloway University of London) will present DISCO results in a presentation entitled “The development and evaluation of a new plant-based renewable source of ketocarotenoids for aquaculture feed”,
  • Prof. Giovanni Giuliano (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, ENEA) will give insights into the DISCO-related topic by providing a presentation entitled “Saffron crocin biosynthesis: A highly compartmented pathway”,
  • Prof. Joseph Hirschberg, Prof. Paul Fraser, Prof. Carmen Socaciu (Proplanta) and Dr Gianfranco Diretto (ENEA) will chair sessions during two-day workshop.

Further information about the EUROCAROTEN Cost Action is available via the following link: https://www.eurocaroten.eu/