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Proplanta S.r.l.

Proplanta is an independent SME from Romania, with research innovation & technology development as main mission and activity. The main competences are related to life sciences and applied biotechnology in agrifood and biomedical areas. Its specific activities include innovative procedures (e.g. bioencapsulation, freeze drying) of plant ingredients, targeted delivery, biorefinery - new added-value molecules obtained from natural matrices (incl. waste) with benefits to nutrition and health. Proplanta has more than 10 years of experience as an RTD- SME partner, in national and international research projects (e.g. FP5-7) related to functional food/natural additives and ingredients, biorefinery applied for waste valorisation, agrifood quality, authenticity and safety.

Prof. Socaciu holds a PhD in chemistry and is the founder and present scientific director at Proplanta. She has coordinated more than 25 national and EU research programmes, regarding natural product chemistry and functional food ingredients.

Within DISCO, Proplanta will contribute its expertise in the fields of down-stream processing, formulation, metabolomics, green chemistries and plant diversity collections.

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