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The James Hutton Institute

The James Hutton Institute (JHI) is the premier UK crop and environment institute formed from the legacy institutes Scottish Crop Research and the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute. JHI, a key partner in the recent potato (and tomato & barley) genome sequencing effort, has a long history of successful translational potato research at the national to global level. 

Prof. Derek Stewart will lead the JHI team. He is Leader of the Enhancing Crop Productivity and Utilisation Theme with ~30 years’ experience in the areas of food, phyto and crop (bio-) chemistries as well as vast experience managing and coordinating multinational food related projects.
Within DISCO, Prof. Derek Stewart acts as the deputy coordinator and chairs the Innovation and Exploitation Panel (IEP).
Dr Mark Taylor is a plant molecular physiologist with extensive experience in potato research including expertise in isoprenoid research.

Within DISCO, the JHI team will contribute its expertise in bioprospecting, plant genetics, engineering of secondary metabolite pathways, systems biology, “omics” techniques and Solanaceae diversity collections.

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