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IGA Technology Services S.r.l.

IGA Technology Services (IGA-TS) is an Italian based provider of genomic research services using Illumina Next Generation Sequencing technology. The company was officially certified as Certified Service Provider for Illumina sequencing at start of 2010 and is the biggest facility in Italy offering high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics data analysis services on a whole range of organisms: humans, other animals, microorganisms and plants. The company has direct access to the scientific and technological competencies of its founder, the Institute of Applied Genomics (Udine), which has gained an outstanding reputation in plant genomic research through participation in the genome sequencing projects of grape, peach, and citrus in cooperation with DOE-JGI (USA) and Genoscope (France). 

Dr Federica Cattonaro is the Chief Executive Officer of IGA-TS and head of the Next Generation Sequencing platform at the Institute of Applied Genomics (IGA). She is responsible for the sequencing activities of IGA under the supervision of the Scientific Director of the Institute (Prof. Michele Morgante). Dr Cattonaro coordinated and actually coordinates the sequencing activities in different national/international projects and consortia involved in de novo sequencing of different plant genomes.

Within the DISCO project IGA-TS will be involved in RNA-seq experiments and will use Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and transcriptomics to identify candidate genes involved the biosynthesis and regulation of bioactives.

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