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Fermented Product Partner

Fermented Product Partner (FPP) is a spin-off company of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech which develops research in fermentation products, drying technology, bioethanol production and produces peptone, arabic gum, coated aroma and encapsulated probiotic cells (powder). FPP is part of a group of small companies that is active in the biotechnology established in 2001 by Prof. Philippe Thonart. To date FPP has developed a wide range of dietary products, weight-loss products and products to restore intestinal flora and transit. 

Prof. Thonart will lead the FPP scientific team. He has more than 30 years of experience working both in academia and industry. During this period Prof. Thonart has worked on the production of microorganisms in fermenters until 2000L, on the drying procedure especially lyophilisation and spray drying procedure.

Within the DISCO project FPP will develop downstream processes for the targeted compounds including extraction, coating procedure and drying process, biomass utilisation.

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  • Fermented Product Partner